If that sentiment is repeated, then the title is India!

T20 World Cup

If that sentiment is repeated, then the title is India!

A sentiment is building among Indian fans ahead of the T20 World Cup. If that sentiment is repeated, India will win the title. At least the final Anna will reach. That is .. Namibia, the youngest teams to qualify for the Scottish Super-12. Will those teams come to India if they qualify? India reached the final when they faced that team in the past. As a social media platform, Dhima is expressing that the same sentiment will be repeated even now.

India will begin their title hunt with their first match against Pakistan on Sunday as part of the T20 World Cup. With the end of the T20 World Cup qualifiers, the actual Sisal fight will not be open from today (Saturday). From the first round, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Scotland and Namibia qualified for the Super 12. Sri Lanka, who topped Group-A, have reached Group-1 with Aussies and England in the Super 12. Namibia came in second with Group 2 with India, New Zealand and Pakistan. Scotland, who topped Group-B, advanced to Group-2 with India, while Bangladesh, who finished second, reached Group-1.

India will face Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia in the league stage. However, when the two teams met in the league stage, India reached the final. India won the 2003 ODI World Cup against Namibia by a huge margin of 181 runs. Sachin Tendulkar (152) and Sourav Ganguly (112) scored centuries in this match. It is known that India, which reached the final in that tournament, lost to Australia. However, fans are commenting that India will reach the final with the opportunity to play against Namibia again this time.

In the 2007 T20 World Cup, India had to face Scotland. However, the match was canceled due to rain and India had to play their next match against Pakistan. India reached the final by defeating Pakistan by bowling. She also defeated Pakistan in the final and kissed the first title. Fans are hopeful that India, playing their first match against Pakistan this time around, will repeat the same result. They are commenting that then Mahendra Singh Dhoni took his first step as a captain and now he is serving as a mentor. Mahi, who is ready to start the second innings as a coach, is of the opinion that this is the first question he has asked as a mentor.

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