MS Dhoni New Role In Team India

MS Dhoni New Role In Team India

Former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently taking on new responsibilities as a mentor in the T20 World Cup squad. The decision was taken by BCCI President Saurabh Ganguly and Secretary Jaisha, who thought the former captain would be useful to Kohlisena in the World Cup.

It was during this sequence that Dhoni worked with the Team India players during the practice session before the first match against Pakistan. However, he has recently been seen bowling as throwdown specialist. The BCCI shared the photos with the fans. “Team India is introducing new ‘throwdown’ specialist Mahendra Singh Dhoni,” he posted on Twitter.

It is a known fact that Mahe has excelled as a captain despite retiring from international cricket. In the recently concluded 14th season of the IPL, Chennai Super Kings once again proved that they have not lost any of their potentials. With this, there is no doubt that his services as a mentor in the World Cup will be very useful to Team India. On the other hand,

Ganguly said that choosing Dhoni as a mentor was not an overnight decision and there was a strong debate behind it. He recently explained that he had been in talks with Jaisha for a long time to get Dhoni to work with Team India anyway. He said he had already won two World Cups and had made the decision thinking it would be more beneficial for the team to combine with Kohlisena.

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