TS Minister KTR Comments On AP Politics

KTR Comments On AP Politics

TRS Working President, IT and Industries Minister K Taraka Rama Rao said there was no point in holding the Chief Minister in a neighboring state and talking green. He said that power comes from the people and it is important to remember that power comes only from winning the hearts and minds of the people. On Friday, he spoke to Sakshi on party organizational structure, Huzurabad by-election, and other issues during the TRS Plenary. The details are as follows.

Friends say that democracy has increased in our state. It remains to be seen what action will be taken against those who insulted the Maharashtra CM. Even in our state, some 420 guys holding the CM are talking like crazy. There must be dignity in politics. Can be understood by speaking passionately during the movement. Those born out of scandals have become leaders near us.

An incident took place in the AP. What kind of whore is holding a chief minister? Who carried out the attacks on the TDP offices there .. Putting that aside, where is the source of it? Why intolerance in politics? You have lost in politics .. Be patient. Go to the people again after five years .. Batimiladuko .. Explain why you should vote. Why? Anxiety about coming to power urgently, what and why?

People gave power to someone else. We fought if people rejected us in 2009 and came to power in 2014. TDP lost power there .. disappeared here. Our party will focus only on Telangana. We are not slaves to Delhi. Not a slave to Gujarat. We will surrender only to the people of Telangana. Only the TRS has the capacity to fight uncompromisingly for Telangana. We will make the party firm before the general election.

Two national presidents came to the state for the two national parties. The monkey is flying like a coconut shell. The BJP will not get a deposit in Nagarjunasagar and the Congress will not get a deposit in Huzurabad. The people will thwart the conspiracies of Congress and the BJP to defeat the TRS. It is ridiculous for Rewant Reddy to announce that there will be a coup in the TRS. He does not know when he will go to jail. “Godse walked away from Gandhi Bhavan,” said Amarinder Singh, the former chief minister of Punjab.

Most of the time after we came to power we focused on government programs as yours. From now on, we will move forward giving priority to the party and the government in balance.

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