Whatsapp Updating New Features

Whatsapp Updating New Features

Whatsapp Updating New Features:

WhatsApp … these days it is a situation that not only young people but also middle-aged people cannot live without. We are so used to WhatsApp. There are many types of messaging apps other than WhatsApp but most people are using it. Tech experts predict that a new feature is coming soon in WhatsApp. There are already a lot of features available on WhatsApp. In addition to these is group chatting. Although there are already groups on WhatsApp, group chatting is not available. All hope is that the community feature will be coming soon. The technology is currently being tested, according to XDA developers. It will be launched on Android platforms soon. Then those who have enabled the community feature on WhatsApp will be able to participate in group chatting.

WhatsApp … XDA says that it is the largest messaging app used by most people in the world. Explained that it takes a long time to add new features in the app as it is used by many users. Representatives of XDA Technology said that the current groups will look different once the WhatsApp Community Feature tab becomes available. Many tech experts are of the opinion that XDA technology can enable any features in WhatsApp if desired. They say the new Community Feature tab will have a lot of benefits.

This new feature will be available to us in the latest beta version of WhatsApp v2.21.21.6. Users are eagerly waiting for this version. Users are ready to download as soon as the company releases an updated version with a new feature.

With the availability of the community feature in WhatsApp, the messaging policy we are currently doing in groups is likely to change completely. The group chatting experience on WhatsApp seems to be the newest compared to other apps.

How the community feature works:
Many tech experts believe that WhatsApp’s new community feature will be similar to the community feature on Facebook. It is hoped that the IM feature will also be available on WhatsApp if this community feature becomes available.

Some people believe that WhatsApp will add the name community to existing groups. Can’t really tell what the feature will look like when it comes. So there is no choice but to wait for the feature and make predictions. It is learned that WhatsApp is likely to take some more time to release this new feature.

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