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Bigg Boss New Captain

Big Boss is running a fight for the captaincy at home. Shannu, Manas, Sunny, Siri, Yani and Shriram, who have successfully completed various challenges in the ‘Abhayahastham’ task, will be fighting in the captaincy task ‘Ventadu-Vedadu’. In this game, competitors have to empty other people’s thermocol bags. As part of the game, Sriram‌ pushed Sunny and he fell down. Do you push me? Sunny was furious .. Shriram tried desperately to empty the bag.

But it seems that Sunny was out first in this game. Furious with defeat on the one hand and defeat on the other, the captain ordered ‘Attack’. With this Sriram tried to provoke him further. “Sunny is an independent player, but Audi is a loser. Keep your throat under control,” Gallo kissed while warning. It seems that Jesse acted as the moderator for this game.

However, it seems that Shanmukh won the game and became the captain of the Bigg Boss House. Knowing this, his fans are buzzing on social media that Shannu is Captain Ayadoch. Shannu. Information that the post of ration ‌ manager has been given to Yani! And as a captain, how does Shannu tidy up the Big Boss house? How is his captaincy going to be? That became interesting.

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