Anchor Anasuya Tweet To Minister KTR

Anchor Anasuya Tweet To Minister KTR

There is nothing special to say about the craze for anchor Anasuya on television. As the uncrowned queen of television for the last few years .. She continues to be the top anchor. Not just an anchor .. impresses the audience by playing different roles on the silver screen. The people of the Telugu states fell in love with Anasuya’s performance in the movie Rangasthalam. Anasuya’s craze on the silver screen changed drastically with this movie. Anasuya also got busy on the big screen after receiving a series of offers.

Anasuya, who is always busy, is always active on social media. This sale is available to fans by sharing the latest photos .. personal .. movie content on Netflix. Anasuya responds not only to movie content but also to current social situations through her social media accounts. Anasuya recently made an interesting tweet on the reopening of schools. KTR Sir Nako Doubt’s tweet is now going viral on the Internet.

“Dear KTR sir .. I need to understand why the original lockdown came .. and then why the unlock also came .. We can give some assurance that we are all getting vaccinated .. But what about children who are younger than the age to be vaccinated? ? Why do schools force parents? ”

“The school owners are signing that we are not responsible if anything happens to the children while they are in school. How fair is this .. Tell yourself sir I hope you will always guide us in the right direction” .. Anasuya tweeted.

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