Shreyas Iyer goodbye to Delhi Capitals

Shreyas Iyer goodbye to Delhi Capitals

Will former Delhi Capitals captain and star player Shreyas Iyer say goodbye to the franchise? That means the answer is yes. It seems that Iyer has made this decision to continue as captain in the IPL. With two new teams joining the league, it is known that a mega auction will take place. With that, Iyer wants to go to auction. Iyer, who made his IPL debut in 2015, has emerged as a key player in the Delhi Capitals team. He led the team to many victories as a captain and batsman.

Iyer, who took over the reins of Delhi after missing Gautam Gambhir in the middle of the 2018 season, has included the team in the playoffs twice. Under his leadership, Delhi, which reached the final last year, narrowly lost the title.

Iyer, who suffered a shoulder injury ahead of the IPL 2021 season, missed the Fastoff League in India. With that, Delhi Capitals was led by Rishabh Pant. However, with the postponement of the league with Corona, Iyer re-entered the league in the second half and continued as a player. Delhi Capitals continued Rishabh Pant as their captain. Iyer also defended the decision. He said he would welcome the decision taken by the team management. Pant said that Delhi Capitals was run brilliantly by Faustoff.

However, the Times of India said that Iyer was preparing to leave Delhi Capitals in the wake of the IPL 2022 mega auction. “Iyer is trying to stay as captain in the league, and he wants to come to the auction and test his luck with the arrival of two new teams,” she wrote in her article. Along with the newcomers, Punjab Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore are on the hunt for a captain. Cricket analysts say there will be good demand for Iyer, who has been hailed as a successful captain in the order.

Iyer is currently with the Indian team as part of the T20 World Cup. He is serving the team as a standby player. He has a chance to make the final squad for the limited overs series against New Zealand. If there is lightning, there will be heavy rain on Iyer in the auction.

Although the mega auction dates have not been finalized yet, it seems that the board has come to a decision on the retention of players. Under this policy older teams can retain up to four players before the mega auction. There are three Indian players, one overseas player or two Indian players. Two overseas players can be selected. And in the case of Indian players, like cap and un cap players? Is like franchisees. Total cap players or uncap players can also be taken together.

The two newcomers are players who have left the old teams, and three can be selected directly from the pool of players available for the mega auction. It is possible to recruit these three in consultation with the players. A mega auction with the remaining players will take place after this process is completed. It is learned that the IPL organizers have already held talks with the franchisees about this retention policy. A board official said the BCCI was likely to formally announce the policy soon after the end of the T20 World Cup.

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