Venkatesh’s daughter Ashrita comment on Samantha’s post

Venkatesh's daughter Ashrita comment on Samantha's post

Venkatesh’s daughter Ashrita comment on Samantha’s post:

Samantha has been more active on social media since she broke up with Naga Chaitanya. After the divorce announcement, he is saying whatever he wants to say through Instagram. He is now expressing his pain and emotions on social media. We are trying to state his current condition through the hashtag Amma says. With this, every post posted by Samantha on Instagram becomes a topic of discussion. And what about her next post, how is she going to respond this time? There is also interest in fans and followers.

Meanwhile, Samantha recently shared a post with her friend, model Shilpareddy, after a trip to Chardham, telling her parents how to think about daughter-in-law marriage. They also shared a photo of her painting. Hero Venkatesh’s eldest daughter Ashrita’s response to his post has become a hot topic. However, after Chai-Sam’s divorce announcement, none of the Akkineni family members except Nagarjuna but Venkatesh in the Itu Daggubati family responded. Also, Samantha’s social media posts are being left unseen.

But the protg took precedence over responding to Sam’s post for the first time. Samantha shared an interesting comment on her painting photo. This led to a debate. What is the response of the original dependent .. ‘Now you can paint freely commented’. Netizens who saw the unsolicited comment are responding in their own style. She is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention. Many movie celebrities are also responding to the same post. Responding to this, Manchu Lakshmi commented, “I am happy to see you having so much fun.”

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