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Work From Space

Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and Blue Origin, which embarked on space tourism in July this year, made another key decision in that direction. A commercial space center will be built under the name Orbital Reef. Sierra Space, Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions, Arizona State University. Representatives of Blue Origin say the 32,000-square-foot space center will be turned into a business park.

The business park will house a space hotel, a film studio, and a research center for ten astronauts at a time. It aims to launch the first spacecraft to the Orbital Reef after 2025. Representatives of the respective companies declined to say how much the project would cost. However, private space agencies, high-tech companies, countries without space projects, media and travel companies are invited to invest in the project.

However, it did not specify when the construction of the Orbital Reef would be completed. However, it looks like it will be set up in a lower orbit as an alternative to NASA’s International Space Station (ISS). Bezos, on the other hand, spends $ 1 billion a year on Blue Origin experiments, according to international journal articles.

With NASA completing 20 years on the ISS, funding for it will expire in 2030. The next step will depend on funding from Congress. However, the need for a new space center also seems to have been realized. A new one must be built to replace or complete the existing one. “For sixty years NASA and other space companies have been developing spacecraft and shelters. We’re set to launch a commercial business this decade,” said Brent Sherwood, senior vice president of Blue Origin.

“We will expand the range and reduce costs. We will provide all the services and facilities needed to normalize space vehicles. A powerful business ecosystem will grow in low Earth orbit. It will promote new innovations, new products, new entertainment, and global awareness,” he explained.

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