The reason why girls get fat after marriage?

Some studies show that most people gain weight after marriage. Studies have shown that not only girls but also men gain weight after marriage. Weight gain has nothing to do with sex. Experts say that gaining too much food at the wedding of newlyweds can lead to weight gain, which has nothing to do with sex.

Many people think that this is due to the semen of the Maghala, which is not true, it is a mistake. The average male ejaculates 23 milligrams of semen. It contains only 15 calories. In fact, girls gain weight after marriage. Medical experts say the reason for this is stress. Misunderstandings are common among newlyweds. Also, the newly married girl has various fears. However, if you think too deeply about such things, mental anxiety and stress will increase. They also cause weight gain in a way.

People are more accustomed to outside foods after marriage than before. Housework and office work is stressful and time-consuming to prepare food and often get used to outside food. It does not matter if you do this once in a while, you will gain weight with extra calories if you eat it often as well. So it is better not to take outside foods.

Reduce stress and take any problem lightly… If you move forward with happiness and self-confidence .. Apart from being healthy, you can reduce the changes in the body shape of women after marriage. Yet health can be maintained by consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and fresh fruit juices. Even better if you get used to yoga. Health experts also say that doing new things like regular mating, trekking, cycling, windsurfing, swinging, etc. will not only keep you entertained but also help you control your weight.

When you are under a lot of stress, you are more likely to consume chocolates and high-fat foods to reduce stress. These can cause unwanted fat to build up in the body. Therefore, it is better for the two of you to talk together and avoid conflicts than to eat such substances to reduce stress. This will reduce stress and help control weight gain.

Newlyweds are not limited to the weekend home, the two do-it-yourself activities like trekking, cycling, windsurfing, swing dazz, etc. not only keep you entertained but also help you control weight.

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